Hire a Contractor

Contract For Employers Minimal Risk

In recent years, it has been a growing trend for corporations to offer more temporary contract jobs than permanent staff ones. This type of employment is great for project work and other limited-term needs, such as a leave of absence. You can use this type of minimal-risk and flexible employment to test out new talent to check if they are a long-term fit for your company.

Focus on running your business and let Pride Veteran take care of the entire hiring process for you. We are committed to finding the perfect candidate for your entry, mid, and senior-level positions from our bottomless pool of talent, covering all sectors, from economics to health, from media and communication to information technology, from agriculture to construction.

Our adept use of artificial intelligence one is thing that separates us from others. Machine learning helps us find a shortlist of great matches from a database of limber, agile and smart individuals who are up for any challenge you might throw their way. Then our experienced team of recruitment experts come in to conduct a thorough screening process until they choose a candidate who is 100% compatible with your company’s hiring standards.

For Job Seekers: Flexibility

Temporary employment is a flexible option for our talents as well. Taking a contract job is a great way to build your resume, putting yourself on an enjoyable long-term career path. The moment you sign up with Pride Veteran, we want you to know one thing: we will always have your back no matter what and work around the clock to make sure you will have the job you want.